Volkswagen Beetle Electrical Fault

The owner of this 2003 Volkswagen Beetle came to us after the previous garage looking at the car couldn’t find the problem.

The car was showing an EPC light in the dashboard. We immediately knew that this was related to a supply issue on the ECU (Engine Control Unit). We took about removing the interior panels for us to gain access to the ECU and its wiring loom.




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VW Touareg V10 TDI Remap

Today we remapped a V10 TDI engine! The customer wanted better driveability, performance and economy.

We downloaded the standard map on the ECU (Engine Control Unit) or should we say ECU’s! As this car like more and more these days have dual ECU’s to control all of the technology onboard. After we downloaded the map we set about making fine adjustments to the air flow and fuel injected to allow the engine to produce more power, more efficiently and in a safe manner.

A bit of background around the engine in this car:

It is a 5.0 liter V10 Twin Turbo Diesel, features 309bhp and 553 lb/ft torque.

We did an initial power run to see how much power this vehicle has. The figures were:

322bhp and 520 lb/ft torque.

After our remap we were suprised at the results acheived:

409bhp and 670 lb/ft torque.



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Porsche 997 Engine Rebuild

The owner of this Porsche 911 came to see us after a recommendation. The previous garage had stripped down the engine and were unable to take on the task required.

As the engine was already stripped down we were able to immediately inspect the cylinder walls and determine the issue. The cylinder walls on the naturally aspirated Porsche engines are Nickel Sealed Aluminium and are known to suffer from cylinder pick-up. This is where as the piston is moving up and down inside the cylinder it makes enough contact to gradually strip away this Nickel Seal, leading to loss of compression.

After we spoke to the customer it was decided that to replace the cylinder block it would be worthwhile in fitting the existing cylinder block with brand new Steel Liners. This would ensure that in the future this enginer would never suffer the same issue.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of what was involved

If you think your Porsche may be running rough, let us take a look – call today on 01992 443900



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R33 GTR Engine Bay Clean up

The customer of this Nissan Skyline wanted us to carry out some ‘TLC’ on his car as well as a full service.




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BMW 330ci (E46) Vanos repair

The owner of this vehicle was complaining of an over heating engine. We diagnosed the issue as a fault in the VANOS system.

Read on to find out exactly what we did to rectify this issue, we have some pictures to show the before and after results too!

Vanos information (courtesy of Wikipedia):

VANOS is a variator system that varies the timing of the valves by moving the position of the camshafts in relation to the drive gear. The relative timing between inlet and exhaust valves is changed.

At lower engine speeds, the position of the camshaft is moved so the valves are opened later, as this improves idling quality and smooth power development. As the engine speed increases, the valves are opened earlier: this enhances torque, reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions. At high engine speeds, the valves are opened later again, because this allows full power delivery.

We stripped down the cylinder head which is where Vanos is located and were able to then take apart the various components of the Vanos. We found a large build up of dirt inside the components that we were able to clear out.

We removed all of the Valves, Valve Springs, Valve Guides and Seals. These were re-machined and made better than standard.




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500bhp+ Crazy Cab Porsche 944 Turbo

One of our customers came in with his Porsche 944 Turbo for us to diagnose water loss from the engine.

We soon found this was due to a blown head gasket……..which led onto this monster build!

What we did:

  • You name it…its got it!!!

Take a look at the pictures below for works carried on this monster car…it achieved over 500bhp.

If you have a project you would like to discuss or own a Porsche and would like us to work on it, please give us a call on 01992 443900




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Porsche 965 3.3 Turbo

This 965 Turbo was booked in for a major service with us and once we started working on the car we soon discovered that the engine was leaking compression on one of the cylinders, which we then diagnosed the problem to be a broken cylinder head stud. So to resolve this problem the engine would need to be removed.

From this point our customer was happy for us to go-ahead and fix his beloved Porsche!

See below for some pictures of the works carried out



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Porsche Boxster S Race Car

One of our customer’s an ex touring car driver who has also competed in the Caterham cup, decided after years off from racing to enter his Porsche Boxster into the BRSCC for 2013.

We aked us if we would like to be one of the sponsers for the project. We agreed to take on the engine rebuild.

We removed the engine and fully overhalled, lightening and balanced all rotating parts to ensure reliabilty during the races ahead.

As part of the works carried out we were able to achieve an additional 15bhp.

Please see our gallery below of works carried out.

If you have a race car project or Porsche that needs working on, get in touch with us today on 01992 443900



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Porsche 997 Turbo Major service and spark plug change

One of our customer’s brought in his 997 Turbo for a Major service and spark plug change.

See the gallery below for a little insight into whats involved.

If you have a Porsche and need it serviced call us on 01992 443900




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BMW E36 Evolution Track Weapon

So here it is our latest track car project…

No prizes for guessing it’s a BMW M3 3.2 Evolution (E36)

This car in it’s day was special but check these numbers out;

Performance (standard)

          0 – 62 mph 5.5 seconds
Top speed 155 mph (limited)
Engine power 321 bhp
Engine torque 258 lbs/ft

Car Specifications

Engine size 3201 cc
Cylinders 6
Valves 24 v
Fuel consumption (extra urban) 37.7 mpg
Gross vehicle weight 1950 kg

Our plan…

is to first lighten the car as much as possible but still maintain as much comfort for the long drives to and from the track. Lightening the car is the best way to gain performance without extra expense and with 321 bhp on tap why mess if it aint broke?

We have also gone for the 4 door saloon model, why you may ask?

The thinking here is that the 4 door model is more ridged and this will help with the stiffness of the chassis. The car has covered only 135,000 miles which is approx 8,000 miles a year, this makes it a very low mileage track star!

The body work is sound, and as you can see from the photos the car has not had any preparation, we have not even washed it…!

The M3 Evo comes with more power than the standard previous model and also a rear limited slip differential which is great for powering out of bends. We also know its also a handful in the wet…

As you can imagine,

the suspension has seen better days, so we have opted for the classic Bilstien and Eibach shocks and springs. Along with the suspension upgrades we have also got heavy duty H&R anti roll bars for the front and rear.

Talking of comfort and safety..

We located a pair of used Sparco Corsa seats with SABELT 6 point harnesses, that should work out well. The right seats are really important as driving on the track will equal higher G forces, both from cornering and braking.

Next on the list will be new discs and pads with an addition of a free flow air filter, but before we do any work we will give the old stud a power run to see how many of those 321 horses are still ready to run…watch this space.

We have called this project “Living the Dream”

11th Septemer 2013 update;

The suspension kit and heavy duty H&R anti roll bars have been fitted and we have given the car a power run, the 17th year old classic proved its worth and it measured 304.6 BHP, we will remap the car and add a K&N air filter and see what we get.

We have also changed all the front and rear discs and fitted Performance Friction pads to the rear and Brembo pads to the front. (Braided brakes lines to follow) We have also located a Momo Corse suede steering wheel which as been installed with a Sparco quick release hub for security and easy access in and out.

Gabs also thought it best to change the clutch and fly wheel, on examination the fly wheel was fine, the new clutch has really improved the driving feel of the car.




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