Audi RS4 (B7) KW suspension upgrades

Today we installed and set up a KW spring kit, this effectively turns the standard shock absorber into a height adjustable coilover!

Car sits planted and low while handling is improved.



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BMW 335i ECU Remapping

Fantastic performance gains from this BMW 335i, both torque and BHP up across the entire rev-range



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Subaru Impreza Wagon full STI conversion

We have recently upgraded this newage Subaru Impreza Wagon to an STI spec, fitting parts required and remapping the ECU

After successful mapping the car made 320bhp!

Our client was very happy with the difference to his beloved Subaru



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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 4 wheel alignment and tracking

Today we had in this timeless beast, a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, can never get bored of these!

We carried out 4 wheel alignment and tracking.



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BMW 335i M Sport - (E93) Cabriolet

Vehicle facts:

Engine – 2979cc, Twin Turbo, 6 Speed Auto, 24 Valves, Weight 1750kgs.
Performance – 306bhp – 400nm/295lbs-ft Torque.
Fuel – Petrol, Urban 21.1mpg, Extra Urban 39.2, Average 29.7mpg.
Other – Year 2007, mileage 83,000 (FSH)

It’s been a while since we did a featured car. You might remember the Renault R26 of Nȕrburgring and SPA fame, then there was the Audi A4 3.0 V6 TDI S-Line. And don’t forget the Jaguar S Type Diesel – all done and dusted now.

So here it is, our BMW 335i M Sport Cabriolet, 2007 with 83k miles. The car came with full service history – the usual mix of main agent and specialists. The thing with this car is that it had not been serviced for 3 years – OUCH! The car had done 15k miles in 3 years and was very much in need of a good service!

First things, first – get the car on the ramp and take a good look.

This is what we found:

N/S/R bearing noisy
O/S/R ball joint minor movement
Different tyres all around and wrong size on rear (should be 255/19/30) plus run flat
Track rod ends and steering arms seized – this is a common issue

The Power Run

We then got the car on our Dyno and gave it a power run to see what power (BHP) and torque the car was showing prior to any work being done, plus how much of the original manufacturer’s numbers were still available.

The car tested at 272bhp @ 5,382rpm and 302.3lbs/ft @ 3,459rpm

The Test Drive

We drove the car for a while – to be honest it was horrible! We are not fans of run flat tyres and the fact that the rears were the wrong size and that all the tyres were different with a mix of budget and premium, we could not think of a better way to ruin a great car.

It did not handle well, it felt sluggish and lacklustre to say the least. Add to this the rumbling from the NSR wheel bearing, all made for a very underwhelming driving experience.

The good news is that the front brake pads and discs where new and also had new rear pads.

Even with all these things going against the car, when the roof was down with some nice tunes playing, it was still a head turner. We even liked the little rear lip spoiler – not sure if it does anything – but all the same it looked nice!

The car was averaging 19mpg.

The next step

We were itching to get our hands on the car, here is the list of what we did:

Forte – Advance Engine Motor Flush
Forte – Specialist Injector Cleaner
Engine Oil & Filter – Mobil Super 3000 5w/40
Gearbox Oil & Filter – Mobil ATF LT – 71141
Differential Oil – Mobil 1 SHC 75w/90
Plugs – NGK Laser Iridium (more on this later)
Air Filter – BMC Panel Filter
4 Wheel Alignment
4x Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres – Front 225/19/ 35 – Rear 255/19/30
Wheel Bearing N/S/R replaced
Ball Joint O/S/R replaced
Track Rod Ends and Steering Arms replaced

The Second Power Run (After the Magic)

We know that numbers are not the be all and end all, but they do say a lot. As the saying goes,
‘BHP sells cars but Torque wins races.’

292bhp – 319lbs-ft torque

WOW! – This is a different car!

It’s as if we brought a dead car back to life, the difference is immense; to say the car is responsive is a major understatement. It drives more smoothly, the steering feels…well, it feels like you can actually feel the road. The feedback on a well sorted 3 series is legendary, the Michelins are a massive upgrade from what we had, plus they are the daddy of all tyres! Run flats are like having heavy wheels at the corner of the car, a bit like driving a tractor. With the Michelin Pilot Super Sports the car now has the finesse of a ballerina – light, responsive and confident, basically a delight to drive.

The car is now planted and predictable, no more road weave and now the bearing noise has gone….to say it’s bliss in an understatement. No need to turn the stereo up to block out the noise!

Gear changes are smoother and they seem quicker, the car feels much, much more rapid, more responsive… in short – more car, more capable and much more fun!

All this benefit and we have not done anything to the car to enhance performance. No upgrades, no performance enhancements, no expensive tuning kits – just getting the basics right with quality oils and components.

28th July 2015 – ECU remap

The car has been used for a few weeks now and we felt this was the perfect time to remap the car. Why? Well, why not?

The promise of remapping is simple. More BHP, more torque, more MPG, but most importantly….more fun!

After mapping we got the car back on the Dyno, and it did not disappoint,

345bhp345lbs/ft torque.

So, from start to completion we took the car from 272bhp to 345bhp. That’s an extra 73bhp with a little TLC and some basic performance mapping and the car is now a hot car – 345bhp and 345lbs-ft of torque under your right foot – more than enough for anyone for day to day driving.

“Our plan is always to help enthusiastic car owners enjoy their cars and their driving – starting with the basics and building up from there is a great way to go.

If you are a first timer that wants to upgrade your car’s performance, then great basic maintenance with quality components and oils will affect your car in the most positive way possible. Then getting the ECU remapped will unleash your car’s true potential.”

I have friends who ask me,

‘Is it worth it?’ Well ‘IF’ driving is your passion, then most definitely YES!



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BMW VANOS Repair and Refurbishment at Perfect Touch

If you are reading this article then perhaps you are a BMW owner?
VANOS is the name BMW give their variable value timing mechanism,
we wanted to simplify this subject and help you to better understand BMW VANOS.

So what are the symptoms of BMW VANOS failure or deterioration?

  • Lower power levels
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Engine surging
  • Idle Hic-cups
  • Engine hesitation
  • Noisy engine – Normally shows up at about approx. 3,000 rpm
  • Increased oil usage

There can come a point when the only way forward is to replace or refurbish the unit whether a single or double VANOS, this involves specialist tools and experience, a job not for the faint hearted.

By definition this job takes time, specialist tools and specific understanding of BMW VANOS in particular. Please take a look at our time lapse video showing Dan Brooks, Senior Technician at Perfect Touch, refurbishing a client’s VANOS on his M3 (E46). It also shows what it takes to get the job done from beginning to end in less than 3mins.

So what does all this do for the car?

A return of power and smoothness, which is what BMW enthusiasts really love about that legendary straight six engine, plus most importantly a returned enthusiasm for your car.

To find out more about BMW VANOS repair and refurbishment please call Gabs on 01992 443900, he would be delighted to talk you through the process or just help you work out what is next for your BMW.

Please Note – other manufacturers also use a form of Variable Valve Timing, for example Honda’s VVT and Porsche’s VarioRam/VarioCam.



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Jaguar XF Water Leak

We recently had this Jaguar XF come in, we diagnosed the water leak and set about fixing it, unfortunately this means engine out.

We have since found and rectified the water leak and carried out a full inspection and service.



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Smart For Two Service and brake pad change

We recently carried out an interim service on this Smart For Two, we also replaced the front brake discs, pads and also the rear brake shoes.



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Bentley Continental GT Service and power steering fix

We recently serviced this Bentley Continental GT and we fixed a fault with the power steering system.



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BMW 645 (6 series) Service

We recently carried out regular servicing and maintenance on this BMW 645ci coupe

To find out what we can offer you and your car, whether its a BMW or other prestige/performance car, please get in touch with us today – 01992 443900

Pop in to meet the team at our garage in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire



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Volkswagen Lupo GTI service and brake disc skimming

We recently performed a full service of this Lupo GTI including brake disc skimming.

Click here if you would like to find out more on our brake disc skimming service

Call today for more – 01992 443900



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BMW M3 Servicing

We recently carried out a full vehicle inspection and service on this BMW M3

We carry out servicing and maintenance on all BMW models and other presitge and performance cars, so why not get in touch today to find out what we can offer you and your car – call today on 01992 443900



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Recommend a friend

We are once again running our popular ‘recommend a friend’ promotion where you and your friend will receive £50 off a selection of our services for passing our details onto a friend.

Simply complete the following form – please see our terms and conditions below

Terms and conditions of the promotion:

  • Limited to 1 voucher per client.
  • Your friend must commit to a car service, 4 wheel alignment or ECU remap (or other agreed service).
  • £50 credit will be added to your account next time you visit us and your friend will receive a £50 discount off work carried out.
  • £50 credit will be valid for the labour portion of your bill only and cannot be used against products/parts or MOTs.
  • There is no time limit for using your £50 credit once issued.
  • Offer valid for new and existing customers.
  • Offer may end at any time without notice.


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Winter Driving Tips

Although we never experience really severe snow or slick ice in the UK its worth being ready if and when it does strike. We’ve put together some top tips for driving this winter.

Preparing your car for winter – We recommend checking the engine coolant, tyres (correct pressure and tread) and brakes

Get your air-conditioning re-gassed – Air-conditioning is just as handy in cold weather as it is in hot weather. In Winter it is used to clear/de-fog your windscreen and prevent it from misting up while driving.

Invest in Winter tyres – often overlooked is the use of high performance Summer tyres on many of today’s cars. Investing in some tyres specifically for Winter/wet driving really could make the difference

Take advantage of our FREE 45 point healthcheck – we offer a FREE 45 point healthcheck for your car which will highlight any issues that are deemed necessary to rectify now to either fix an existing fault or to prevent problems later on.

Remember to drive safe at all times – don’t hesitate to call us if you feel there is something we can help with (01992 443900)

 Check out this handy complete guide from the AA here



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BMW X6 Xdrive35d Servicing

Today we had a BMW X6 in for servicing, this monster has the Xdrive35d setup with the 286bhp twin turbo diesel.

We changed the air filter, engine oil filter, engine oil and brake pads. We skimmed the brake discs too so they are just like new for half the price!



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Subaru Impreza Wagon servicing

Today we had in a lovely example of a ‘bug eyed’ Subaru Impreza Wagon. It was brought in for routine servicing including oil and filter change, new brake discs and pads.



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