Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Some of you may remember this R34 GTR, we had it in for a coolant leak, which unfortunately turned out to be a cracked block.

So a second hand N1 24u rb26 block was purchased.

We reused most of the Nitto 2.7 kit, the pistons were replaced, the crank had a very minor polish. When we came to reassemble the bottom end, we measured the crank to bearing gaps using plastigauge (can be seen in the pictures) and ring gaps were measured and adjusted If tolerances were to small. Now all the tolerances and gaps are perfect we proceeded to built the engine up using only the best components for reliability when this GTR is tearing up the track!

Once the engine was fitted, we run it in properly with religious engine oil changes, with the correct oil.

Now for mapping. And who better than Romain at Syvecs. He did a brilliant job with this car maximising engine performance and reliability. The car made just under 600 bhp after the engine was mapped, due to the turbos underperforming, so this is to be continued! With new turbos, this car will make 600bhp+!

Gary has his car back for now, until next time



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