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Why I Love ECU Remapping

By Erkan Ali, Pistonhead and driving GOD! Well in my DREAMS!

The last 3 cars I have owned: BMW 330 M Sport, Audi A4 3.0 TDI and Renault Megane R26 were all remapped…

I am addicted…!

Let me tell you why; you see I like it when my car feels smooth, powerful and responsive, it really adds to my driving experience. Most importantly it makes me feel great…knowing my car is special to me. ECU remapping for an everyday car really adds something, and you even get a couple MPG’s extra if you are careful, which is no bad thing.

With my BMW, gear changes became smoother and the car perked up a bit, as some of you will know the BMW 330 M Sport (E46) is a heavy car. As well as a remap I changed the air filter to K&N, which helps the car to breath better, along with an excellent quality engine oil. It all adds up to a car that feels just that bit more special and the good news is I did not have to spend a fortune.

Here is the crazy part

If you have a turbo car, especially a turbo diesel, the car does not improve, it transforms!

When we remapped the Audi A4 3.0 TDI, that V6 diesel became a monster….no really. I would be driving down the road and look down at the speedo and boy it was shocking how much faster and more responsive the car had become, plus on long trips I would get 40 plus MPG, on one outing I got 48MPG, incredible!

So Matthew if you are thinking about remapping your ECU don’t get hung up with BHP and Torque, focus on how the car will make you feel, it’s in the everyday driving a remapped car really comes into its own.

To maximise your driving enjoyment,
call Gabs on 01992 443900 it’s easier than you think!

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