Below you will find answers to questions we are frequently asked

Can you work on any make/model of car?

Yes is the simple answer. We have worked on almost all brands of cars we can think of. Please get in touch to discuss your car and your options!

Do you have free wifi?

Yes we will provide free wifi for your entire visit so you can carry on working or playing while we work on your car.

Do you have a waiting room?

Yes this has been made as comfortable as possible with our new leather sofa, tv and fresh water machine.

Do you have a pick up/drop off service?

Yes we offer this to all our local customers. Please call Gabs on 01992 443900 to find out whether this is available to you.

Do you have a courtesy car?

Yes we do, you can book it online here

Are you easily accessible to and from the city?

Yes there are major networks very near to us. It takes approx 20mins by train to reach London.

What local amenities do you have? – eg restaraunts

There are restaurants and cafés very close to where we are based and we will point these out to you. Most are within walking distance in 5-10mins.

We hope you have found what you were looking for, if not please feel free to call us on 01992 443900 or pop into our workshop in Hertfordshire.

Perfect Touch Performance Ltd

Perfect Touch Performance Ltd

Unit 1 Hannah Nursery,
Sewardstone Road,
E4 7RG
0208 191 7916
01992 443900
Registered in England and Wales: 07786097
VAT No.: GB770746314

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