Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 500bhp - Turbo, Water/Meth, Intake, Exhaust

This has been a lovely project for us to undertake, we started with a standard Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and our client wanted us to develop a reliable performance package for fast-road use.

The car features a re-worked turbo by AET Motorsport, the exhaust is a full turbo-back un-valved system by Milltek Sport, a water/meth injection system by AEM Performance Electronics, an Intake system by Mishimoto Automotive and ECU calibration on our 4wd dyno by Simon from Bevo Tuning.

Power is just under 500bhp @ 495bhp and torque is 430lbft

Feature video below!



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ESS 570 Supercharged BMW E46 M3

We fitted an ESS 570 supercharger kit to this E46 M3 recently, which helps this engine to produce….you guessed it….570bhp.

We built a fully forged engine in-house so the power on-tap is coupled with reliability!

This is one of the most complete fast-road M3 set ups we have done.



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Supercharged BMW e46 M3 - engine build (updated 24/09/17)

It’s time this M3 had an engine to cope with the supercharger.

The stock engine unfortunately suffered a failure, has been recovered to us and now we will begin planning and building an engine to take the boost!

Keep checking back for the latest updates…

25/02/16 – Recovery of car – planning begins!

26/02/16 – Engine is out!

We didn’t waste any time; the M3 engine is out and ready to be stripped. We will inspect internal damage and prepare for the build. When the car is being built back up we will be tidying up the car in general including fixing other minor faults.

Now the car is in the hands of Perfect Touch it will be looked after, ready to win medals…

02/03/16 – Detonation!

We have had a look at the stripped down engine and can show you what has gone wrong. Essentially the water injection system that was fitted to the intake as part of the Supercharging has failed and the cylinder has become too hot causing the fuel to ignite before it is sparked by the spark-plug. You can see some of the damage this has caused to the top of the piston in the picture below.

supercharged-bmw-e46-m3-engine-build-update210/01/17 – Parts are arriving!

We have an update on the progress of the BMW M3 E46 supercharged build. The engine components are starting to arrive, some of which you can see in the pictures below – rods, crankshaft, pistons, injectors and Schrick cams. We are also discussing other plans with the client including engine management and transmission changes. Watch this space…

24/09/17 – Power Run after remap



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EVO 10 Engine Build - Project update

This EVO 10 was brought into us with engine damage, we diagnosed a number of faliures with the engine including a spun big end bearing, damaged rod and crank case damage.

We spoke to our client about what options they had and they decided to upgrade a number of components allowing for a safe increase in power with more reliability.

We supplied and fitted Marley pistons, Manley rods, ARP head stud kit, crank case stud kit and conrod bolts, ACL race bearings, a Commetic head gasket, Garrett Turbo-charger, equal-length header, downpipe, we renewed the timing chain and guides, skimmed the head, intake and exhaust valves cut and seated, new oil cooler and oil pump, Walbro fuel pump, injectors upgrade. To increase gearbox reliability for more power we have also up

Next up is to run in the engine over 500 miles minimum before dynoing and mapping the car.



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Lotus Esprit 2.2L Turbo - Engine rebuild

This rare and wonderful Lotus Esprit 2.2 Turbo came to us with running issues, we have just given the car back to the owner in the last few days.

This fourth generation (Peter Stevens redesign) Lotus Esprit from 1989 features a 2.2l 4 cylinder turbo-charged engine. We have worked on this car before, fitting upgraded suspension components and various other modifications.

The engine unfortunately had a number of oil leaks when it was brought into us. It was running really rough and she clearly wasn’t well.

We diagnosed the oil leaks, injectors and plugs as being the factors.

We stripped the engine to enable us to reseal parts such as the sump gasket, crank seals, rocker cover gasket and oil pump gasket.

Wheile we had the engine out we also installed a new clutch, new cambelt and new water pump.

Please check out the pictures below



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The FIRST UK BMW M6 with manual transmission

We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to handle the conversion of an SMG equipped BMW M6 to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Manual? You ask…Did BMW even make a manual M6? Apparantly it seems they did – 701 to be exact (323 Coupes + 378 Convertibles) – but for the USA only!

The one option missing from the UK models was a 6-speed manual instead of the SMG, after all we are probably the best market for it!

Our client asked us to research and look into the best ways to convert his car over to a manual transmission.

As soon as the car arrived we set about removing the existing SMG gearbox allowing us to see the access available for linkages, clutch lines etc.

Our client supplied the manual 6-speed ‘box which was imported from the USA for a US M6, complete with clutch and flywheel.

We sourced a pedal box from a 530d, and hooked up the clutch lines from the pedal box to the master and slave cylinders.

We removed the perforated holes provided by the factory (how nice of them) so we could run all the cables and lines under the car properly, just as the manual M6 would be.

We had to have a custom gearshift gaitor built as this doesn’t exist for RHD 6 series, as all 6 series cars in the UK were either auto or SMG.

The engine ECU has had to be programmed to know that it now has a manual gearbox attached, otherwise as far as it’s concerned there is no gearbox attached and will only run in ‘get-me-home’ mode.

That’s about it, if you would like to know more you can call us on 01992 443900 or email [email protected]



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Ferrari F355 GTS (Ongoing works - complete)

We are currently working on this beautiful Ferrari F355, this is the car that preceded the incredibly popular Ferrari 360. The F355 has a 3.5l v8 engine with 5 valves per cylinder, hence it’s name 355.

ferrari f355 gts engine problem

Our client brought this F355 in to us for a full check over as it wasn’t running correctly and there was a noticeable coolant leak.

We gave the car a full check over and found not only a coolant leak but a number of oil leaks, radiator leak, power steering leak and some minor faults including bushes that needed replacing.

We began to repair the oil leaks, we had to remove the cam covers and while we were there we decided to check the cam timing – this unfortunately ended up being out. We then informed our client of this, as we weren’t happy with the way the engine was running, the cam timing being out could be the news we didn’t want.

In order to inspect further and fix the cam timing we need to remove the engine from the car.

We ‘dropped’ the engine out of the car and re-aligned the camshafts to then be able to perform a leak-down test and check the compression.

We noticed various cylinders had high leak back through the exhaust valves, which means loss of compression in these cylinders and reduction in power and performance.

We have informed our client up to this point and next up is to remove the cylinder heads for further investigation.

Watch this space for more updates…

(UPDATE 8/11/16)

We have removed the cylinder heads and found the exhaust valves to be hitting the pistons, this wasn’t bad enough to bend the valves but bad enough to cause unwanted noise and reduced power and performance. This is the result of the valve timing being out which is what we will fix.

We noticed there was substantial play in both the inlet and exhaust valves, this is due to worn valve guides which will need replacing.

All the inlet and exhaust valves were re-cut and re-seated in the head with new guides.

(UPDATE 14/11/16)

The engine is now all back together, the cylinder head went back on complete with new gasket and new cambelt kit. We have now received the fuel injectors back from detailed testing and cleaning and have gone back in.

(UPDATE 24/11/16)

The engine has now been tested and been fitted back into the car. Running smoothly with no unwanted noise. Next we will test further on our dyno and map the engine if needed for optimum fueling and ignition timing.

(UPDATE 25/11/16)

We tested the F355 on our dyno and the engine successfully produced 360bhp with it pulling cleanly to the red line.

Watch the video below – and turn up your volume!

Car all cleaned and ready to go back to her owner

picture of client picking up his ferrari f355 gts after we fixed the engine



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BMW M6 Upgrades (Updated 06/07/16)

We keep you updated on the progress of our client’s BMW M6, his SAVAGE BMW M6!


Stoptech Big Brake Kit. These kits not only look amazing when installed but they really work, offering great pedal feel and huge stopping power with no fade!

bmw-m6-kw-coilover-kit-suspension-upgrades (3)

3rd June 2016

Installation of a KW coilover suspension kit. The car rides at the perfect height to suit the bodywork mods and handling has been improved greatly

24th June 2016

We begin the install of the next stage of performance upgrades

It’s time for a supercharger!

ess supercharger kit ready to install on bmw m6

6th July 2016

Supercharger install complete, then it’s on our dyno for mapping…

bmw-m6-ess-tuning-supercharger-kit-installed (5)



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Renault Clio Cup Car - project progress

We have been asked to prepare a Renault Clio for the Clio Cup.

This is a great project for us, there is a lot to be done, plenty of diagnostics and modifications to carry out.

15/12/15 – So far we have looked into a 45% leak down on one cylinder and we removed the head to fix the fault.

8/01/16 – We have now removed the engine and gearbox, sent engine compenents away for lightening and balancing, port and polishing.

Next we will be installing polybushes in the chassic components and start assembling the suspension system ready for setting up for track use.

More updates to follow….



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BMW 335i M Sport - (E93) Cabriolet

Vehicle facts:

Engine – 2979cc, Twin Turbo, 6 Speed Auto, 24 Valves, Weight 1750kgs.
Performance – 306bhp – 400nm/295lbs-ft Torque.
Fuel – Petrol, Urban 21.1mpg, Extra Urban 39.2, Average 29.7mpg.
Other – Year 2007, mileage 83,000 (FSH)

It’s been a while since we did a featured car. You might remember the Renault R26 of Nȕrburgring and SPA fame, then there was the Audi A4 3.0 V6 TDI S-Line. And don’t forget the Jaguar S Type Diesel – all done and dusted now.

So here it is, our BMW 335i M Sport Cabriolet, 2007 with 83k miles. The car came with full service history – the usual mix of main agent and specialists. The thing with this car is that it had not been serviced for 3 years – OUCH! The car had done 15k miles in 3 years and was very much in need of a good service!

First things, first – get the car on the ramp and take a good look.

This is what we found:

N/S/R bearing noisy
O/S/R ball joint minor movement
Different tyres all around and wrong size on rear (should be 255/19/30) plus run flat
Track rod ends and steering arms seized – this is a common issue

The Power Run

We then got the car on our Dyno and gave it a power run to see what power (BHP) and torque the car was showing prior to any work being done, plus how much of the original manufacturer’s numbers were still available.

The car tested at 272bhp @ 5,382rpm and 302.3lbs/ft @ 3,459rpm

The Test Drive

We drove the car for a while – to be honest it was horrible! We are not fans of run flat tyres and the fact that the rears were the wrong size and that all the tyres were different with a mix of budget and premium, we could not think of a better way to ruin a great car.

It did not handle well, it felt sluggish and lacklustre to say the least. Add to this the rumbling from the NSR wheel bearing, all made for a very underwhelming driving experience.

The good news is that the front brake pads and discs where new and also had new rear pads.

Even with all these things going against the car, when the roof was down with some nice tunes playing, it was still a head turner. We even liked the little rear lip spoiler – not sure if it does anything – but all the same it looked nice!

The car was averaging 19mpg.

The next step

We were itching to get our hands on the car, here is the list of what we did:

Forte – Advance Engine Motor Flush
Forte – Specialist Injector Cleaner
Engine Oil & Filter – Mobil Super 3000 5w/40
Gearbox Oil & Filter – Mobil ATF LT – 71141
Differential Oil – Mobil 1 SHC 75w/90
Plugs – NGK Laser Iridium (more on this later)
Air Filter – BMC Panel Filter
4 Wheel Alignment
4x Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres – Front 225/19/ 35 – Rear 255/19/30
Wheel Bearing N/S/R replaced
Ball Joint O/S/R replaced
Track Rod Ends and Steering Arms replaced

The Second Power Run (After the Magic)

We know that numbers are not the be all and end all, but they do say a lot. As the saying goes,
‘BHP sells cars but Torque wins races.’

292bhp – 319lbs-ft torque

WOW! – This is a different car!

It’s as if we brought a dead car back to life, the difference is immense; to say the car is responsive is a major understatement. It drives more smoothly, the steering feels…well, it feels like you can actually feel the road. The feedback on a well sorted 3 series is legendary, the Michelins are a massive upgrade from what we had, plus they are the daddy of all tyres! Run flats are like having heavy wheels at the corner of the car, a bit like driving a tractor. With the Michelin Pilot Super Sports the car now has the finesse of a ballerina – light, responsive and confident, basically a delight to drive.

The car is now planted and predictable, no more road weave and now the bearing noise has gone….to say it’s bliss in an understatement. No need to turn the stereo up to block out the noise!

Gear changes are smoother and they seem quicker, the car feels much, much more rapid, more responsive… in short – more car, more capable and much more fun!

All this benefit and we have not done anything to the car to enhance performance. No upgrades, no performance enhancements, no expensive tuning kits – just getting the basics right with quality oils and components.

28th July 2015 – ECU remap

The car has been used for a few weeks now and we felt this was the perfect time to remap the car. Why? Well, why not?

The promise of remapping is simple. More BHP, more torque, more MPG, but most importantly….more fun!

After mapping we got the car back on the Dyno, and it did not disappoint,

345bhp345lbs/ft torque.

So, from start to completion we took the car from 272bhp to 345bhp. That’s an extra 73bhp with a little TLC and some basic performance mapping and the car is now a hot car – 345bhp and 345lbs-ft of torque under your right foot – more than enough for anyone for day to day driving.

“Our plan is always to help enthusiastic car owners enjoy their cars and their driving – starting with the basics and building up from there is a great way to go.

If you are a first timer that wants to upgrade your car’s performance, then great basic maintenance with quality components and oils will affect your car in the most positive way possible. Then getting the ECU remapped will unleash your car’s true potential.”

I have friends who ask me,

‘Is it worth it?’ Well ‘IF’ driving is your passion, then most definitely YES!



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BMW VANOS Repair and Refurbishment at Perfect Touch

If you are reading this article then perhaps you are a BMW owner?
VANOS is the name BMW give their variable value timing mechanism,
we wanted to simplify this subject and help you to better understand BMW VANOS.

So what are the symptoms of BMW VANOS failure or deterioration?

  • Lower power levels
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Engine surging
  • Idle Hic-cups
  • Engine hesitation
  • Noisy engine – Normally shows up at about approx. 3,000 rpm
  • Increased oil usage

There can come a point when the only way forward is to replace or refurbish the unit whether a single or double VANOS, this involves specialist tools and experience, a job not for the faint hearted.

By definition this job takes time, specialist tools and specific understanding of BMW VANOS in particular. Please take a look at our time lapse video showing Dan Brooks, Senior Technician at Perfect Touch, refurbishing a client’s VANOS on his M3 (E46). It also shows what it takes to get the job done from beginning to end in less than 3mins.

So what does all this do for the car?

A return of power and smoothness, which is what BMW enthusiasts really love about that legendary straight six engine, plus most importantly a returned enthusiasm for your car.

To find out more about BMW VANOS repair and refurbishment please call Gabs on 01992 443900, he would be delighted to talk you through the process or just help you work out what is next for your BMW.

Please Note – other manufacturers also use a form of Variable Valve Timing, for example Honda’s VVT and Porsche’s VarioRam/VarioCam.



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Subaru Legacy 3.0r Spec B remap with excellent results

Here we have a 2005 Subaru Legacy 3.0r Spec B, this car had a custom exhaust and intake fitted this year and our customer wanted to maximise his investment in these by remapping the ECU.

Normally, power gains on naturally aspirated cars from remaps alone is 10% but with the breathing mods in place the result was in fact closer to 20%.

Maximum power now 288bhp with torque sitting at a healthy 251 Ibft

Watch (and listen) to the following video of the final power run on our dyno



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Subaru Impreza WRX Type R STI

A lovely example of a 1998 registered WRX Type R STI. Our customer brought his car in for a service and cambelt change.

Get in touch today to book your car in for one of our services.

Find out more about our Subaru services here



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Audi A5 Coupe replace timing chain, repair head and valves

Here we feature a 59′ plate Audi A5 Coupe with just over 100,000 miles on the clock. The timing chain stretched and jumped 6 teeth! This unfortunately took out the valves and caused damage to the cylinder head.

We stripped the engine, revealing the damage, we replaced the valves and machined the head as new and replaced the timing chain with a new one.

In the pictures you can see us re-gassing the air conditioning as we had to strip the front of the car down (hence no front bumper) to gain access to the engine.



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Mini with Yamaha R1 engine - wiring loom work in progress

So here we have a rare little beast, a classic Mini with a not so classic Yamaha R1 motorbike engine fitted, imagine 13,000rpm!

We were asked to take a look at running problems and electrical issues. We found a number of major issues in the wiring and decided it would be better to start again rather than to patch something up for an issue to potentially arise later down the line.

Claudio has the wiring loom laid out….all over the workshop…its in order (in his mind at least) it looks very complicated!



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Subaru Legacy 3.0rB Custom Exhaust and Raptor Headers

Thanks to Hayward and Scott for installing these Raptor headers (raptorsc.com.au) and custom building the exhaust system which sounds beautiful!

3.5″ Burnt tip tailpipes installed at 90degrees to follow shape of bumper.

This car is back to Perfect Touch for a remap, results to follow… next week




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Turbo replacement on Range Rover

We recently had to change the turbo’s on this diesel Range Rover, unfortunately the previous garage didn’t have the tools to carry out such a large and difficult task.

As you can see the ‘easiest’ way to get to the turbo’s is by lifting the entire body off!

Get in touch today if you think your turbo(s) are on their way out – 01992 443900



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500bhp+ Crazy Cab Porsche 944 Turbo

One of our customers came in with his Porsche 944 Turbo for us to diagnose water loss from the engine.

We soon found this was due to a blown head gasket……..which led onto this monster build!

What we did:

  • You name it…its got it!!!

Take a look at the pictures below for works carried on this monster car…it achieved over 500bhp.

If you have a project you would like to discuss or own a Porsche and would like us to work on it, please give us a call on 01992 443900




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Porsche 965 3.3 Turbo

This 965 Turbo was booked in for a major service with us and once we started working on the car we soon discovered that the engine was leaking compression on one of the cylinders, which we then diagnosed the problem to be a broken cylinder head stud. So to resolve this problem the engine would need to be removed.

From this point our customer was happy for us to go-ahead and fix his beloved Porsche!

See below for some pictures of the works carried out



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