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Let us introduce our 1500bhp 4wd Dastek Dynamometer

After many successful years tuning cars and carrying out on-road diagnostics, we commissioned the installation of our Dastek Rolling Road in 2006.

Our rolling road was one of the first 4wd dyno installations in the UK!

Since 2006 we have tuned more than 750 cars and performed more than two thousand five hundred power runs on our rolling road!

Our dyno cell was designed and built by Dastek UK in Scotland as a development of the original design by Dastek in South Africa.

Not just power runs and tuning

Our rolling road is just as at home letting us diagnose faults on a Nissan Micra as it is running up a Nissan Skyline with over 1300bhp. It simulates driving on real roads very accurately with maximum safety for the user and for the vehicle, along with the 20hp fan system up front keeping temperatures low!

It’s feature list includes:

  • Access for vehicles with low ride heights and bodykits
  • Provides accurately calculated wheel bhp, flywheel bhp and torque figures
  • Full colour print-out produced for each run
  • High sensitivity – picking up a heater being switched on in the cabin!
  • Adjustable bed for different wheelbases
  • Support for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive

Get in touch with us today to book your car in or to talk to us about what we can do – 01992 443900

Feel free to pop into our workshop facility on Sewardstone Road, London.


Perfect Touch Performance Ltd

Perfect Touch Performance Ltd

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